LEGO Ideas: LEGO HeroQuest Reaches 10,000 Supporters

LEGO HeroQuest by KingGloriousSquirrel project has reached 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas.

LEGO HeroQuestHero Quest was a very popular game in the 90s. It allowed to impersonate a hero who, together with his companions, descended into a real dungeon and faced, room by room, many enemies to complete his mission. A player had the role of master and had to, in addition to telling the story, literally build the rooms, as soon as they were discovered, with furniture and monsters.

LEGO Ideas HeroQuest

LEGO Ideas HeroQuest

Con questo modello, costituito da ben 3.000 pezzi, si possono rivivere quelle mirabolanti avventure. L’autore ha riprodotto fedelmente non solo la plancia ma anche gli accessori e i tantissimi personaggi.

With this model, made up of 3,000 pieces, you can relive those amazing adventures. The author has faithfully reproduced not only the bridge but also the accessories and the many characters.

LEGO HeroQuest joins The Mountain Windmill e Community – Greendale Community College for the Second Review Phase of 2020.