New LEGO Brick Sketches Star Wars and Batman are Coming Soon

LEGO will soon launch a new line: it is the Brick Sketches and the first sets to come out will be Batman and Star Wars themed.


Thanks to Brickset we can see the images of the first LEGO Brick Sketches sets coming out. These are small assembly boxes that contain the pieces to recreate LEGO portraits in two dimensions of their favorite characters. The bricks must be assembled, following the instructions, as if you were painting on a canvas.

The sets are expected to be available from summer 2020, but the number of pieces they will contain is still unknown. The first to go on sale will be those dedicated to Star Wars and Batman:

  • 40391 First Order Stormtrooper 
  • 40431 BB-8
  • 40386 Batman
  • 40428 The Joker.

Chris McVeigh has been making his works in this style for years but LEGO only realized the potential that such works had when he became their employee.

As for the choice of characters, it was decided to focus on the most successful licenses that the LEGO Group owns, but in the future, as has also been seen with BrickHeadz, many other characters may arrive. Batman and Joker are iconic figures known and loved by everyone, while First Order Stormtrooper and BB-8 are the representatives of the new Star Wars trilogy, produced by Disney.