New LEGO Super Mario Costumes Announced with Power-Up Packs

Four new costumes dedicated to LEGO Super Mario have been announced: they will be contained in the Power-Up Packs that will be launched starting from August 2020.


The LEGO team has announced that it will soon be possible to customize their Mario Adventures – Starter Pack (71360) set, thanks to the Power-Up Packs. Each of these allows, in addition to dressing Mario in a different way, to unlock new features and coin collection skills.

The sets will be released together with some upgrades and the main set Adventures of Mario – Starter Pack (71360) starting from August 1st; they will cost about 10 £ each.

Here they are!

Builder Mario Power-Up Pack (71373)

When LEGO Mario puts on this costume, he can increase the number of digital coins he has gained by repeatedly hitting the bricks of the level he has created. It is a way to really earn a lot of extra points.


Cat Mario Power-Up Pack (71372)

When Mario wears this costume, consisting of a yellow dungaree and a hat with cat ears, he will start to meow and purr. The special power that the Nintendo plumber will acquire with this upgrade is to climb vertical surfaces, to overcome them or collect additional coins.


Fire Mario Power-Up Pack (71370)

When Mario wears this white suit he gets the fire attack, a new way to eliminate enemies and collect extra coins.


Propeller Mario Power-Up Pack (71371)

As soon as you put this power on, you can hear the sound of the propeller on Mario’s hat. With this Power-Up the brave plumber will be able to fly and collect the coins that are in the sky. The advantage of choosing this set is to have an immense space to play, which expands at the top of the built level.